Other Stories on Related Themes

Immortality - Kevin Bohacz

Great story with environmental issues being the key to the unfolding of the very cleverly written story with wonderful character development.

Nexus (and the sequel Crux) - Ramez Naam

Excellent SciTech thriller with environmental issues forming part of the background to behaviour of the some the major protagonists.

The Whisper of Stars - Nick Jones

Not as "Hard Science" Fiction as I would normally read but a very impressive first novel and a great story - the Amazon reviews didn't mislead me on this one!

"The Transhumanist Wager" - Zoltan Istvan

My Amazon.com.au review, 10 August 2014:

If you are into Radical Life Extension and how to get there, this is a MUST READ!

This is a GREAT book! Both from the story / writing point of view and the philosophical content that it demands discussion about. I think if civilisation survives itself this century and humans are able to rationally deal with all the self-created existential problems, then history will show that taking seriously many of the ideas in this book was a key turning point.

My only criticism is that the story turns into a bit of a lecture towards the end. However, even this is excusable if you consider that this document, while being a great read, can also be considered a manifesto for a new world. This manifesto should be seriously discussed, analysed and critiqued. I probably agree with about 80% of the ideas in there but I look forward to arguing about this stuff with Zoltan in the future.

CRYO: Rise of the Immortals - Geoffrey Wakeling

CRYO: A Changed World - Geoffrey Wakeling

Interesting books on the future - particularly the biology. I have a bit of a problem with the "Evil" Cryonics company - in the real world, Cryonics organisations are member-supported and non-profit but I guess that will change when the first frozen mouse is successfully revived!