Potential Authors

This site is at least as much for authors as it is for readers. Also, it is probably more for new authors rather than established authors. This is the deal:

  • DomainSF will publish appropriate, "Hard Science" Fiction short stories ie up to about 10,000 words.
  • DomainSF will make an initial payment to authors for their short stories at a rate of one Australian cent per word.
  • DomainSF will make these stories available to readers in eBook format for reading on the site or for downloading.
  • Registered users on the site may rate the stories.
  • Once DomainSF has made the payment to the author for a short story, DomainSF retains exclusive publishing rights for a period of 6 months thereafter.
  • The author retains copyright of the short story subject to the previous point regarding the exclusive publishing period.
  • Stories that I like and are appropriate for this site may still need to go through an editing process.
  • Read the stuff on the Submissions page and if that is also agreeable, use the mailing address on the "Contact Us" page for submitting drafts.

If necessary, prospective authors should contact us for negotiating the fine print in an agreement.

The current acceptance rate of submitted stories is 42% (59% Male 41% Female).

Authors in Order of First Accepted Submissions

Philip Rhoades

Philip grew up in Sydney, Australia, did some BioMedical Research, was distracted by Politics and Changing the World. More information here:

Phil's Personal Site

Deborah Walker

Deborah grew up in the most English town in the country, but she soon high-tailed it down to London, where she now lives with her partner, Chris, and her two young children. Find Deborah in the British Museum trawling the past for future inspiration or on her blog:

Deborah Walker's Bibliography

Her stories have appeared in Nature's Futures, Cosmos and Daily Science Fiction and The Year's Best SF 18.

Robin Wyatt Dunn

Robin Wyatt Dunn was born in Wyoming during the Carter Administration. He now lives in Los Angeles.

Robin's Writing Page

Laura Hill

Gareth D Jones

Gareth D Jones is from the UK and writes science fiction in between working with hazardous waste and drinking tea. His stories have been published in 24 languages and in over 40 publications.

Gareth's Web Site

Iain Ishbel

Iain Ishbel is a recovering high-school teacher who now prefers the quiet life of a professional writer on Canada's Pacific coast. He lives in a very small house with one rather small wife and two extremely small daughters. He loves them all very much, except the house.

Julie Frost

Julie Frost writes short SFF and lives in Utah with her family and a collection of anteaters and Oaxacan carvings. She whines about writing, a lot, at:

Julie's Writing Page

John Paul Davies

John is originally from Liverpool, UK, but has since blown in to Co. Meath, Ireland. He is a member of the Poised Pen Writers (thepoisedpen.co.uk), and is drawn to JG Ballard, Iain Banks, John Burnside and Tom Waits. Work has appeared, or is due to appear in: The Fog Horn, Ares Magazine, Pseudopod, Rosebud, The Red Penny Papers and Word Branch Publishing.

The Poised Pen

Robert Bagnall

A human resources practitioner by profession, property developer by inclination and science-fiction writer by vocation, Robert has recently moved to the English Riviera to renovate a Victorian villa and to see where life takes him.

He doesn't like dogs and is allergic to cats.

You can find his science fiction musings including links to all his published short stories (or, at least, all those available on the net) at:


Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson is a businessman and SCUBA instructor living in Greensboro, North Carolina. He writes speculative fiction as a hobby when he has time. He has a wife and two small kids.

Lizz Shepherd

Lizz Shepherd is a freelance writer living in Alabama.

Holly Schofield

Holly Schofield travels through time at the rate of one second per second, oscillating between the alternate realities of a prairie farmhouse and her writing cabin on the west coast. Her stories have appeared in many publications including Lightspeed, Crossed Genres, and Tesseracts.

For more of her work see:

Holly Schofield

Jakob Drud

Jakob Drud lives in Denmark, where he writes stories in the speculative genres (e.g. science fiction, fantasy and advertising copy).

To learn more visit:

Jakob Drud

Tara Saunders

Tara Saunders lives in a little house at the edge of a deep, dark wood. Stories whisper to her when she sleeps but dance away when she tries to catch them. She shares the dance with far too many cats and dogs, and with just the right number of childen. She has stories forthcoming in Black Denim Lit and Stupefying Stories, and you can also find her on Twitter at @_Tara_Saunders_

Julie Novakova

Julie is from Prague, the Czech Republic. She studied theoretical & evolutionary biology and is a strange mix of a science fiction and detective stories writer, PhD student, science writer, lecturer, editor and translator. Her previous stories appeared in Clarkesworld and Perihelion SF and are upcoming e.g. in Asimov's and Fantasy Scroll.


Julie Novakova

Bob Ritchie

Bob Ritchie grew up. For the most part.

Corey J. White

Corey J. White is a writer based in Melbourne, Australia. He tweets into the abyss at @cjwhite