Domain Science Fiction introduces a different model for providing interesting short stories - both for the authors and the readers. I hope it offers encouragement for authors (new and established) to submit appropriate stories for publication here. It was too much trouble trying to work out a payment scheme so I have just gone with free stories and whatever I can afford for authors (it will depend on how much the story is compatible with what I am trying to do and how big a name the author has). Why not just use one of the big ePublishing deals? - because I want to create a community of authors publishing on consistent themes and "cross-pollinating" (so to speak) each other's work so that there are incentives for readers who like the stories to explore the whole "ecosystem".

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This site is a site with a message and the message is: "Caution!". The future has some profound, existential problems for our species to resolve if we are to persist into the far future. Two of the themes related to these problems are:

  • How humans relate to the natural environment as their technologies become ever-more powerful
  • What it means to be human

DomainSF aims to provide an anthology with a difference - as well as the stories covering related themes, there will also be other connections between the stories including characters, shared histories, alternate histories etc.

Philip Rhoades

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