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"Sowmya" - Iain Ishbel (3596 words)

"No, Granny-ji, with respect, it is a real job." Sowmya sighed and touched her braid. "No, it is not teaching, research only - yes, Granny-ji. Teaching is a very fine - so pleased for cousin Jyoti. Yes, the schoolchildren are very lucky to have her."

Tiny feet pattered on the decking, but Sowmya held up a palm and Anita stopped hurriedly. "Excuse me, mama," she whispered, and tiptoed out of the kitchen compartment.

Sowmya nodded. "Yes, the youngest, Granny-ji. Anita, yes. Two thou - " She winced, and calculated hastily. "Six years of age." She waited, staring out of the foggy viewport. On Earth, the terminator was passing over West Bengal. Sowmya wondered if her great-grandmother, looking up from the streets of Old Calcutta, might see the station as a bright star in the orange twilight sky.

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