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"The Road to Hell" - Julie Frost (4181 words)

We hadn't meant for this to happen...

"Libby! Libby the Labbie!" I called as I opened the back door into the yard.

Thank God the work day was over--the only thing keeping me sane these days was the anticipation of taking her to the dog park, injecting some normalcy into the abnormal tailspin my life had become.

Usually she yipped an answer whether she was inside or out, but not today. A cold ball of worry knotted in my stomach. Most of the time, I left her inside when I was at work, but the day had been beautiful and she hadn't wanted to come in that morning. I'd relented and let her stay in the supposedly bug-proof, mesh-covered kennel. "Libby?" I approached the enclosure, but no Mini-Lab waited for me at the gate, tail awag and mouth open in a happy grin. A movement from the side of the fence farthest from the house caught my eye.

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