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"The Last Days of the Eyeball Man" - Iain Ishbel (2888 words)

The Eyeball Man was a guest on the world's biggest talk show when his last days began. The talk show was simulcast on four unrelated media, and had a real claim to be the world's most-heard words. Four minutes into the show, the Eyeball Man realized: the modern broadcast style of fast cuts and glib quips had long since overrun the human capacity for reason. He frowned, invisible behind the microphone. "Look," he interrupted. "I'm leaving. I'm not going to take part in this."

A rising starlet who was on the show to fundraise for a minor disease (and her new movie) tried to hijack the momentary pause. "You could take part in raising awareness for feline panleukopia virus, it's an important disease -- "

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