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"Farndale's Revelation" - Robert Bagnall (2560 words)

The rain was falling steadily when Corin Farndale flagged down the taxi outside St.Pancras station. The sky was a choppy grey sea scudding south, white horses alternating with granite depths. The rain came down in waves, thick drizzle followed by washes of drops so large they made individual splashes. Farndale could feel a stream of water seeping past his collar. The irony of the situation did not escape him.

The wiper blades on the taxi made a constant squeak, squeak, squeak. Farndale hunched in the back, briefcase on his lap, trying to recognize landmarks as the taxi inched its way forward. He hadn't been to the city for some years. Next to familiar buildings new monsters of glass and steel were rising. He wiped away condensation from the window and craned his neck. At least somebody will get to see blue sky, he mused.

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